Technical Department


Technical Department is in fifth floor of EDL Headquarters, Lao-Thai Friendship Road, P.O. Box 309, Thongkang Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital. Lao PDR.

Role and Responsibility

The Technical Department is among the department that is under the Board of Managing Directors of EDL. There are the total of 05 offices that share the main roles in consulting services, provide recommendations, research on the regulations, perform inspection, project assessment and monitoring concerning all the technical aspects. The primary roles include:

  • In-depth study on the power grid development plan as led by the System Development Office in the operation.
  • Technical Standard Specification work, minimize the power outrage – Demand Size Management (DSM) is under the Technical Standard Specification Office, DSM Office and Measurement Equipment Management Office in the operation.
  • The Secretariat work refers to the internal management, maintenance and repair, vehicle management, policies, human resources management under the Operation Office.

Technical Department Organization Chart

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