ສປປ ລາວ ໄດ້ສົ່ງພະລັງງານໄຟຟ້າ ໃຫ້ກັບ ລາຊະອານາຈັກ ກຳປູເຈຍ ຈຳນວນ 195 ເມກາວັດ


ລັດວິສາຫະກິດໄຟຟ້າລາວ ສາຂາແຂວງຫຼວງນ້ຳທາ ກູ້ລະບົບຈຳໜ່າຍຢ່າງຮີບດ່ວນ




ລັດວິສາຫະກິດໄຟຟ້າລາວ ສາຂາແຂວງບໍລິຄຳໄຊ, ເປີດບູດທ໌ໂຄສະນາປະຊາສຳພັນ ແລະ ວາງສະແດງຜົນງານ ໃນງານບຸນແຂ່ງຂັນປະເພນີຊ່ວງເຮືອ ປະຈຳປີ 2019 ພສ 2562 ລະຫວ່າງ 11-12 ຕຸລາ 2019 ທີ່ເມືອງປາກຊັນ.



ປະຕິທິນ ລັດວິສາຫະກິດໄຟຟ້າລາວ ປະຈຳປີ 2019



Electricity Price Chart

Step Low voltage (residential) Price (LAK) Kwh
1 0 - 25 Kwh 348
2 26 - 150 Kwh 414
3 151 - 300 Kwh 799
4 301 - 400 Kwh 880
5 401 - 500 Kwh 965
6 More than (>) 500 Kwh 999

About Electricite Du Laos

Électricité du Laos (EDL) was founded on 18-Dec-1961, it is the business unit of the government that conducts the operations of production, management, service and development of electricity that is aligned with the policy of the Party and laws of the state, market mechanism in the supply of electricity to the consumers of both domestic and overseas that is ensuring an sufficient manner. Actively contributes to social-economic development plans enforced by the Party and government. Revenues generated from exporting of electricity contribute to the country on a monetary term.


To be a leading enterprise that promotes the social-economic developments of Lao PDR in the supply of electricity that ensures appropriate investment capital and enables Lao PDR to become a leading electricity supplier in the ASEAN Power Grid.


  • Ensure adequate and comprehensive supply of electricity, as well as surplus of supply that is quality and affordable prices and support the social-economic development of Lao PDR.
  • Promote the development of domestic power grid while having environmental-social awareness.
  • Meet the requirements of the Party and government, especially on the modern industrialization, act as a model enterprise, efficient and become economically agile with other economic sectors.

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