Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities/Authorities (HAPUA ) established in year 1981, by 5 (five) member countries namely:

1. Indonesia

2. Malaysia

3. Philiipines

4. Singapore

5. Thailand

In 12th Meeting of the HAPUA held in 1996 in Bali, the MOU of the Forum of the HAPUA has been assigned by 7 member countries included Brunei Darussalam and Vietnam, with 10 Project Cooperation are classified under two categories :

Category A has 4 Project Groups : to hold annual meeting

1. Interconnection (Focal Point : Malaysia)

2. Research, Development and Engineering (Focal Point : Indonesia)

3. Training and Development (Focal Point : Malaysia)

4. Corporatisation/Privatization of Power Utlities (Focal Point : Phlippines)

Category B has 6 Project Groups, Networking arrangemnet and to hold the meeting only after obataining approval from the forum HAPUA

1. Micro/Mini-Hydro Development (Focal Point : Indonesia)

2. Rural and Urban Electrification (Focal Point : Thailand)

3. Standardization (Focal Point : Singapore)

4. Electric Power Information Center (EPIC) (Focal Point : Thailand)

5. Use of Combined Cycle Power Plant (Focal Point: Thailand)

6. Geothermal Energy Development (Focal Point : Philippines)

In the 20th Meeting of the HAPUA held in May 2004 in Siem Reap, Cambodia has been assigned by all member countries for the new structure of HAPUA orgnization :

- HAPUA Council

- HAPUA Secretariat - Indonesia

- HAPUA Country Coordinator

- Project Coordinator for 8 HAPUA Working Group :

1. Generation (Project Coordinator: Malaysia)

2. Interconnection (Project Coordinator :Thailand

3. Distribution (Project Coordinator : Indonesia)

4. Renewable Energy ( Project Coordinator : Vietnam)

5. Electricity Suppply Industry (ESI) (Project Coordinator : Philippines)

6. Resource Development (Project Coordinator : Thailand)

7. Power Reliablility and Quality (Project Coordinator : Singapore)

8. Human Resourse (Project Coordinator : Malaysia)

The 27th Meeting HAPUA Council in June 2011 in Danang City, Vietnam agreed and adopted the new restructuring of the HAPUA Working Group :

1. Generation (Chairman : Indonesia and Vice Chairman : Lao PDR)

2. Transmission /APG (Chairman : Thailand and Vice Chairman : Vietnam

3. Distribution and PQR (Chairman : Singapore and Vice Chairman : Myanmar)