EDL’s development strategy

Electricite Du Laos is the company owned by Government of Lao PDR, it is the heart for the infrastructure and social – economic development of the nation growing up consecutively and increasingly. Under the brightly direction of Lao People Revolution Party and Government to get rid of the country from underdeveloped in 2020, creating the pace to cross over the underdeveloped country successfully in 2025, enhancing to the developed country with the revenue ranking from moderate to high level in 2030 by the development of power energy sources adequately to increase the domestic demand in the future steadily and the rest will be export, to continue development of the national transmission line system to be linked to rural, to connect the national transmission line system to regional countries, can do transaction of power the future, what will attract the huge revenues to the nation for national socio- economic development powerfully, and to motivate the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to be expanded consecutively and achieve the target of the national socio-economic development strategy in the future.